R. L. Gray CDO is a 501(c)(3) community development outreach organization incorporated in October 2008 that provides supportive services to individuals and families of to all cultures, but primarily the minority population who live in the South Dallas, Texas area and surrounding counties.

The eligibility criteria for participation in our program are that the individuals are economically disadvantaged and live in the city of Dallas or surrounding area. Our services include residents from birth to the elderly. These services include mentoring, job referrals, job preparedness workshops, tutorial services, health and wellness education, and referrals to various community agencies. These individuals/families will be provided with, or receive, referrals to agencies and organizations, which will assist them in overcoming the many barriers they now face with employment, food, clothing, education and housing.

Our goal is to empower others to support themselves and their children, and to become productive members in society. Through these support services, we serve not only a portion of the individual’s needs, but we are serving the whole person. We want the families to feel a sense of high self-esteem and accomplishment. This will help to drastically reduce the problems of poverty, homelessness, violence and lack of education in their respective communities.